Monday, March 27

Maryork Councilor seeks a second term –

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By Nicholas Bass

Marima Krubally, APRC Ward Councilor for Maryork ward West Coast Region is seeking a second term in the upcoming councilor’s elections to better develop her ward in partnership with the ruling National People’s Party (NPP).

In an exclusive with this Medium, Councilor Mariama Krubally said her coalition with the National People’s Party has enabled her to build a Skill Center at Somita Village where youths can learn a skill in eliminating the high rate of unemployment of youths in the West Coast Region.

“I am still looking forward to creating agricultural projects and making electricity available for my people through collaborating with the President Barrow government, NGOs, and individuals.

 My people have been neglected with electricity and water which has made me run for re-election to emancipate them from lack of water, electricity, and jobs through agricultural projects and collaboration with stakeholders. This requires concerted efforts of everyone to vote for me,” she said.

However, the incumbent councilor also emphasized that the APRC coalition with NPP will make her work easier and faster within Mayork, noting that such a partnership is better than opposition parties who are always against the developmental agendas of the government.  

She also said if given a second chance, she will make youth especially school drop outs her priority by establishing a vocational training centre for them which will make an impact in their lives.