Saturday, February 4

Mayor Bensouda Says KMC Is Ready To Upgrade Buffer Zone

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Mayor Bensouda inspecting work at the Zone

By: Landing Ceesay

The Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality Talib Ahmed Bensouda has said that Kanifing Municipal Council [KMC] is ready to upgrade Buffer Zone because of its importance, strategic location, sizes and purpose.

“Buffer Zone being our most important, most strategic and the biggest park, we thought it strategic that we should start as a symbol to try and upgrade the park. Because it hosts lots of the major events in the country, being it sporting or political,” Bensouda said.

Bensouda said his council has installed 120 solar lights and planted 134 trees to green up the zone and bring more life to the zone when the sun is very hot.

Mayor Bensouda said KMC will make the zone a safer place for everyone who wants to use the zone especially at night.

Mayor Bensouda also pledged to the Tallinding South Ward Councilor that the council will rehabilitate the goal posts and install nets for the players.

Meanwhile, Karamo Ceesay, Councilor for Tallinding South Ward said there are more than 600 youth in Tallinding and its surroundings who use buffer zone on a daily basis.

Ceesay said KMC has employed ten people to look after the zone, and the numbers will increase as time goes on because they want to transform the zone into a multi-purpose center with a football field, basketball court, volleyball loan and wrestling arena for the youth.

When asked how KMC plan to sustain the zone when transformed, Councilor Ceesay responded: “We start forming a sport committee to be in charge of the park, if they found anyone trying to destroy the materials of the park that person will be dealt with according to the law.”

Buffer Zone located in Tallinding, pays host to a lot of political, social and sporting events in the Kanifing Municipality. Therefore, uplifting its standard will make it much convenient for such events.