Monday, March 20

Mayor Lowe sponsors Banjul Nawettan tournaments with D200K donation

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By Arfang M.S Camara

Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe of Banjul on Sunday presented a cheque of D200,000 to the Banjul Sports Committee to support its ongoing Nawettan expenses in both the league and knockout tournaments.

The donation came from her Women and Girls Empowerment Initiative which is well known for its economic empowerment of women and youth through micro-finance and education.

Lowe, a sports enthusiast herself, handed the cheque to Committee president Momodou Musa Njie during a presentation ceremony at the Banjul KG5 mini stadium at Half-Die.

The presentation also includes 60 balls meaning each participating teams in the tournament also received 2 balls.

The mayor said the donation is aimed at empowering youths of the city to realise their potential in sports.

She added that it has always been a great pleasure for her to support football since assuming office in 2018, adding that the BCC under her leadership will continue to support all youth empowerment initiatives including football in order to bring positive change in the city.

“I will want to take this special opportunity to wish our young ones together with the Sport Committee good luck and a very successful Nawettan 2022, ” she said.

Mayor Lowe advised the committee to remain synonymous with transparency and fair play to ensure they deliver their mandate towards empowering Banjul youths and women.

Receiving the gesture, Momodou Musa Njie, president of the Banjul Sports Committee expressed joy for the gesture, adding that the donation came at the right when the committee needs support to successfully hold this year’s nawettan

“We are very proud of this gesture. When we came to office our first worry was how to get a sponsor for the Nawettan league and thought about Mayor Lowe. There and then she promised that she will sponsor both the Super Cup and the Nawettan. We are so proud and excited that she has come to fulfil that promise which is in turn a challenge for us to deliver,” Njie said.