Saturday, April 1

MC Cham Jnr accuses GDC of sabotage and provocation –

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By: Nyima Sillah

MC Cham Jnr, National Campaign Manager for the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has accused the party of sabotage and provocation over a recent press release indicted him of endorsing Senegal presidential candidate Ousman Sonko.

In a statement shared with The Voice newspaper, MC Cham said “I just saw the press release in the news like everyone else. Therefore I see this act by the GDC as pure sabotage, provocation, and utter disrespect to my personality and the position I occupy as National Campaign Manager of the party. It is very unfair to me and this is unprofessional.”

 He continued: “I am disappointed in the executive of GDC for taking such a decision without asking me or inviting me to a meeting to find out if I made any endorsement as they claimed. I wish to clarify that no one has called me regarding such claims; the GDC party also did not write to me and did not give me a copy of the press release of their so-called claims.”

 The GDC, he said like all other parties, is guided by a Constitution and set of rules for all the members, especially the executive, adding if he had violated the party’s Constitution, they should say so and take the necessary disciplinary measures against him. 

“I did not violate the party’s Constitution, so why are they cooking up such false allegations against me? This is the least I expect to come from the GDC. It is undone and they are wrong. I hope they will rectify their mistake soon.

 “Those who know me can attest to the fact that I have always been advocating for foreigners to stay away from Gambian politics and this is on record in the media. Therefore, I will not interfere in foreign politics,” MC Cham stressed. 

Meanwhile, MC Cham explained that he was officially invited by the party members of Ousman Sonko, leader of Pastef to their fundraising event which was held in Sukuta on Sunday, and he attended the event but did not give any speech or statement there. 

He justified that he did not say that he endorsed Ousman Sonko and he did not say the GDC had endorsed Ousman Sonko. Therefore, the GDC is wrong to issue such claims without proper investigation.