Monday, October 3

MC Cham Jr Asks Minister Badjie To Rectify His Mistake To Restore Confidence

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By Buba Gagigo

The National Youth President, Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), MC Cham Jr has asked the Minister of Youth and Sports, Bakary Y. Badjie to rectify his mistake to restore the confidence Gambians have in him.

“This is unethical and unexpected of a minister who is described as a hard working youth, who has been doing his best for the country. He is not known to be engaging in corrupt activities, but this per diem issue involving his wife is a big mistake on his part. Therefore, I call on the Youth Minister to rectify this mistake to restore the confidence Gambians have in him,” he said.

The GDC National Youth President alleged that Minister Badjie is the one exposed, but not alone who does such in the government.

“It is Bakary Badjie’s corruption allegation that has been exposed, but he is not alone. The entire government of President Barrow is corrupt. Barrow is the champion of corruption, and his ministers and entire government officials are copying from him. Our government is not serious about tackling corruption, and this is taking our country backward,” he alleged.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Bakary Y. Badjie had earlier Saturday confirmed to Kerr Fatou that his wife has received allowances for both the Commonwealth and Islamic Games, although she did not attend the Commonwealth Games, due to a visa issue.

The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England took place from 28th July- 8th August; while the 5th Islamic Games in Konya, Turkey was held from 9th – 19th August 2022.

Meanwhile, according to the Central Bank of the Gambia weekly valuation rates as at 15th August 2022, Minister Badjie’s wife received an estimate of D185, 052 as per-diem allowance for the Commonwealth Games she never attended.