Tuesday, September 26

MC Cham Jr. Joins UDP

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MC Cham Jr, Former Campaign Manager for GDC

By Buba Gagigo

MC Cham Jr., the former campaign manager of the Gambia Democratic Congress, has joined the United Democratic Party. He made the announcement in a statement released to the press earlier today.

In his statement, Cham said that he had decided to join the UDP after careful consideration. He said that he was impressed by the party’s commitment to democracy and good governance.

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“To my family, friends, my fellow Gambian Brothers and Sisters. After years of advocating for the development of our nation in the name of democracy, human rights. Equity and fairness. I have come to a momentous decision in the next phase of my political career.

“After much consultation and reflection and after considering my conversations with His Excellency HE Ousainou ANM Darboe. I’m convinced that I’m making the right decision today by pledging my Allegiance and full support to the United Democratic Party and committing to its principles and values.” He stated

This move follows Cham’s resignation from the GDC in March of this year, and his subsequent work with Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda during his re-election bid for a second term as mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council.

Cham is a household name in Gambian politics, frequently appearing on digital media and opining in the pages of print media on socio-economic and political issues affecting the country. He is also a panelist on the Grand Bantaba, a weekly public affairs program on this medium.

Cham’s decision to join the UDP is a major coup for the party, as he is a well-known and respected figure in Gambian politics.

It remains to be seen what impact Cham’s decision will have on the UDP’s chances of winning the upcoming elections. However, there is no doubt that his decision will be a major talking point in Gambian politics in the coming days and months.

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