Saturday, April 1

MC Cham Resigns from GDC with immediate effect.

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This follows the release of a press statement, signed by the GDC’s senior administrative secretary, wherein the Party dissociates itself from “public endorsement of Ousmane Sonko, a Senegalese Presidential Candidate by GDC’s Campaign Manager.”

“Hon.MC Cham Jnr, during a gathering held in The Gambia by the members of PASTEF (Ousmane Sonko’s political party), does not in any way express the opinion of GDC, neither does it connote any manner of understanding between GDC and PASTEF,” the statement adds.

Following this feud, the young politician and commentator resigned.

In his resignation letter, Cham Jr said: “I am writing this letter to resign from the party with immediate effect. As you are aware, there are so many issues I face with the party that is no longer bearable. It has gotten to the extent of deprivation of my right to association and independence as a Citizen.”

He added that, however, some of GDC members were very helpful in his hard times, saying: “But the problem is that the party does not respect my political stance as an individual in the Gambia and in the region.

Unsuccessful attempts have been made by The Point to contact Mr. Cham for comments.