Thursday, December 7

MCG validates strategic document

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The Media Council of The Gambia (MCG) on Friday convened a synergy at Tango to validate its strategic plan, 2023-2027.

The document was developed with funding from the Freedom House.

Founded in 2018, the MCG is the first ever self-regulatory mechanism for journalism in the country. The Council is provided with a broad mandate: to establish and enforce professional standards; promote media freedoms and freedom of expression, and media and information literacy.

The acting country director of Freedom House, Demba Kandeh, said: “Our collaboration with the Media Council has been very significant and fulfilling.”

Mr. Kandeh added they would like to see other partners come in and support the Media Council.

Jimmy Sankituah, the resident programme director of Internal Republican Institute (IRI), reaffirmed that IRI supports institutions to consolidate genuine courses, saying that was one of those courses. He talked about the need to continue to collaborate as always campaigned by African leaders.

Nfamara Darboe, a member of MCG Governing Council described the document as one of the most important documents any organisation can have. He hailed the GPU for establishing the Media Council in the wake of unending debates about media self-regulation.

“We cannot just be operating if we don’t have a guiding tool for our course,” he said. “We all know that if this document is validated we are going to have a milestone, while thanking the IRI ahead of the validation.

Executive Secretary Bai Emil Touray, who chaired the opening event, thanked all the partners for making the day a success.