Wednesday, February 8

Media played critical role in GRA 2022 revenue achievement

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The GRA boss pointed out that the media’s contribution in ensuring public awareness of the importance of tax compliance was commendable. He noted that GRA could not have achieved its target alone, citing the cooperation and partnership of the media who he said were in the forefront.

He described the relationship between GRA and the media as very cordial, saying he cherishes the partnership.

Mr. Darboe made the remarks during an interview with tax reporters on revenue collection plans for 2023.

According to Mr. Darboe, they were able to achieve their revenue collection target due to the cooperation of both the media and taxpayers.

He also commended his staff for their commitment and dedication.

He stated that the role of the media should not be underestimated in educating the public on issues of national development.

He expressed his readiness to continue working closely with the media.

He commended taxpayers, the business community as well as GRA Board and Management for ensuring that despite the numerous challenges they were able to achieve their target.

He stated that GRA now has a cordial relationship with business companies who are now voluntarily honouring their tax obligations. 

Mr. Darboe also used the opportunity to call on all Gambians to be tax compliant as GRA is collecting revenue for national development.