Tuesday, March 28

Migrant returnee forms part of 3000 youth to be trained in technical areas

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By Binta Jaiteh

International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) The Gambia, a German organization based in the country is set to organize training in technical areas, entrepreneurship, and life skills programs for three thousand (3000) youth including migrant returnees.

The project is funded by the German government and the ECOWAS to promote economic and social stability for income opportunities and other areas that include fishery, horticulture, and poultry farming.

Speaking during the handing over of the new fish smoking house in Brufut, Gabrielle Boner, German representative, said The Gambia and the German Government are working hand in hand especially since the Gambian people voted for political change five years ago and this cooperation is in a very crucial area and they are committed to continuing to support in these crucial areas.

However, “I am proud to say that not less than 1000 women are expected to benefit a lot in the area of agro skills technical and capacity building. 123 people benefited and in the area of finance, D500, 000.00 have been disbursed to the beneficiaries including 45% women and 10% returnees.

Omar Gaye, director general, GAMWORKS said they started the project long ago and it is between the German government and ECOWAS they gave 10 million euros to visit communities who engaged in the fishing sector, gardens, and poultry.

According to him, “we decide to hand over the contract to the head of Jarju Kunda construction and we gave him 3.5 million to start the contract noting that we also monitor on how the project should work accordingly as expected. They also did their best by implementing and doing the needful the project has been finally completed and today we are inaugurating it.”

Sainabou Drammeh, the communication officer of GIZ, said the fund is for regional stabilization and development in fragile regions within the ECOWAS Member State commonly known as FRSD. And is flexibility designed regional funding mechanism to be used by ECOWAS to promote stability through sustainable development measures in its member states.

She said the project is cooperation between the German Government and the ECOWAS aimed at complimenting existing ECOWAS security and political initiatives to react to the emerging crisis across the region. The Gambia is selected as the pilot program implemented by two partners GAMWORKS supported by KFW under the Gambia pilot program and GIZ FRSD.

“Our areas of intervention include women, youth empowerment, skills development in the fisheries, poultry, and horticulture sectors, access to finance, business development as well as advocacy and awareness for returning migrants,” she emphasised to the gathering.

However, she urged the people of Brufut especially the women to come out in large numbers to register and be part of the pilot program.