Friday, March 24

Military Intervention On Rice Value Chain Visited

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By Ramatoulie Jawo

National Assembly Select Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, on Wednesday visited the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) pilot intervention site on the Rice Value Chain in Sotuma Samba Koi in the Upper River Region, the National Assembly reported.

The Honourable members during their visit observed that a class of thirty soldiers were cultivating rice on a land size of about 5 hectares relying on a user-friendly manual provided by the ROOTS Project, it added.

The House continued that the Regional Agricultural Director for URR said the GAF rice project is equally important in the recruitment of extension workers as they are active in the sharing of knowledge and experience with farmers in the areas.

The visit by the members gave them the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the project that the House approved for communities in Central, and Upper River Regions (CRR and URR) in 2018, it concluded.