Saturday, December 3

Military patrol on demand amid spate of armed robberies

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Speaking to one Lamin Janneh, he expressed disappointment with the unusual situation, saying the country never experienced such a high rate of criminality during the First and the Second republics. He added that if the criminals are not hunted and prosecuted, the nation could be attacked by terrorists. The concerned young Gambian said any nation with high rate of criminals is likely to encounter terrorism or rebellion.

“I call on President Barrow and his entire Cabinet to sit with the Security Council and pave the way for a more free crime country. Citizens are now living in fear due to the security threats faced by every individual, whether at home, work place or even on the streets.”

Mr. Janneh further called on the security to keep their heads up and work for the interest of the nation, stating the army should be on patrol with heavy weapons that could scare the criminals.

Alieu Sarr, a Senegalese petty trader also dwelled on the increase of crime rates, indicating that he intended to return home for a while and observe the situation if there would to be change in the future. He added that as a business man who came to find a greener pasture in the country, his hope has faded due to armed robberies.

“I think the government is not doing justice in providing maximum security to its citizens and foreigners who are also contributing to the country’s economy. Though the police are trying to control crimes, I think they need to double up their efforts. If necessary, the military should be given the chance to patrol and well protect the territory.”

Sarr told this medium that he is staying in the country with fear because a Senegalese man was killed in Bansang and recently another one killed at Westfield Monument.

Fatoumatta Bajo, a resident of Ebo Town, also raised concern about the security circumstances, saying women are now afraid to go about their normal businesses, talk less of going out in the evening.

“Women are not physically strong and if we are attacked by armed robbers, they can easily take our belongings, rape or even kill us as well. We need maximum protection and by doing so, all criminals should be eliminated from the country.”