Tuesday, June 6

Minister Joof says military coups provoke instability

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The confab, held at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Centre, Minister Joof said that the unconstitutional change of government has impacted negatively on the economic development of the continent for far too long.

“Military coups provoke unrest and instability in the nations involved and even in those beyond, restrict leaders and people from making significant investments, and promote widespread financial corruption. This has manifested itself in countries that have undergone military coups.”

Joof continued that the number of refugees and internally displaced individuals compelled to relocate to stable locations increased as a result of military coups and conflicts across Africa.

Minister Joof points out that huge economic consequences were brought on by the refugee crisis, including a falling growth rate, rising poverty rates, low median personal income, deteriorating infrastructure, family dissolution brought on by forced relocation and casualties, kidnapping of children, and recruitment into armed combat.

“The political upheaval brought on by the military coups throughout Africa slowed down the continent’s key economic operations, including mining, oil industry, and agriculture. Parties engaged in political and military conflict compete for control of these resources or sabotage supplies to exert pressure on their rivals.”

On the current geopolitical environment and waves of conflicts, Minister Joof said there is a need for ECOWAS to redouble efforts to secure peace and stability and entrench the principles of good governance, democracy and human rights.