Friday, May 27

Ministry of defence staff bid farewell to Sheikh Omar Faye

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Staff of the ministry of defence have bid farewell to Sheikh Omara Faye who is now replaced by Serign Modou Njie in Barrow’s cabinet reshuffle.

According to the ministry of defence, Mr Faye will be the first appointed Minister of Defence under the Government of President Adama Barrow in August 2019.

“Hon. Faye can be described as a humble and pious person with a great sense of humour. Minister Faye is a charismatic person, open minded, very accommodative with excellent leadership qualities.

During his tenure in office, numerous achievements have been registered. Amongst the achievements enumerated is the development of a Defence Policy for the first time in the history of the country.

This Defence Policy accordingly sets the frameworks under which the Ministry should operate as an oversight institution to the Gambia Armed Forces. The development of a Strategy to complement the Policy is also on the pipeline,” the ministry said.

“The Ministry of Defence which has been housed under the Office of the President since its establishment became a standalone Ministry under the stewardship of Hon. Faye.

During his tenure, he has supported the implementation of various capacity building programs for the staff of MOD and GAF Personnel. This has improved the productivity and efficiency in the sector.

Hon. Faye over the years has attracted and built strong ties with numerous development partners around the world to the benefit of the Ministry of Defence, the Gambia Armed Forces and by extension the Nation at large,” it added.

“The Staff of the Ministry of Defence and GAF would like to take the opportunity to register sincere appreciation and profound gratitude to Hon. Faye for the valuable time, unflinching support and above all his immense contribution towards the success of the Ministry of Defence as a Government institution.

Thank You our able Minister of Defence, Hon. Sheikh Omar Faye. May Allah (S.W.T) protect you and your family,” the ministry continued.