Wednesday, February 1

Ministry of Environment Announces New edition of Nationwide “Set-Setal”

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By: Mustapha Jarju

Rohey John Manjang the Minister of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources, has announced that her ministry in collaboration with the National Environmental Agency with the approval of the President has re-introduced a new edition of Set-Setal effective on 28th January.

Minister Manjang made the announcement at day-long media sensitization training on Monday held at NEA.

In her statement, she said: “President Adama Barrow has given the approval to re-bounce the previously popular “Set-Setal” executed every month once again to respond to the priorities and the demands of the public in keeping the nation clean for healthy livelihood.”

The popular cleansing exercise was introduced by the former exiled President Yahaya Jammeh during his 22-year reign but since the change of regime in 2017, the monthly popular exercise was dormant under the Barrow administration.

“With this new edition of the nationwide set-setal drivers will not be allowed to ply on road from 9 am to 1 pm, except vehicles on emergency are exempted, sporting activities and other social activities are also restricted during the duration of the exercise, in which if one is found wanting could face the liable penalties,” Minister Rohey John-Manjang warned.

She stated that the greater percentage of this Set-Setal will be focused on the Greater Banjul area which is highly affected and has the highest number of visitors.

“In this implementation process, the Ministry of Environment and relevant stakeholders are requesting the support of all key players which includes, Local government authorities on a nationwide all-inclusive “set-setal” that will be executed to the latter,” she added.

She appealed to the Ministry of Health to give all the support they have done so far to help in implementing this initiative.

However, she added everyone to give their best in keeping the nation clean, saying it is the political responsibility that the Councils take the lead while calling on the securities to also take the lead as key partners.