Sunday, February 5

Ministry to Increase Transports effective 20th January

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By Mama A. Touray

The Government through the Ministry of Transport Works and Infrastructure has on Monday announced the increment of fares across the country effective Friday 20th January 2023   following consultations among various stakeholders.

In a press release, the ministry categorically stated that it will not tolerate doubling or tripling of fares in the road transport system and failure to comply with the new route licensing scheme will result in necessary drastic actions and urged all players in the industry to comply with the process.

The statement continued: “The main objective of introducing a route licensing scheme is to eliminate the charging of double or triple fares for various destinations. Already, the stickers and permits have been issued to vehicles plying various routes within the Greater Banjul Area and it is expected that the scheme will be rolled out to all other routes within the country in due course.”

According to the ministry’s statement, an agreement has been reached to adopt a new tariff for the transportation of containers across the country. This gesture, according to the authorities, is in fulfillment of the agreement reached with the General Transport Union and the Port Transporters Association.

“As a condition for the implementation of transport fare increment and the new tariffs, route licensing will be introduced for various destinations across the country. Route licensing is a scheme that allows vehicles to register and ply a particular route,” the statement added.

urging the authorities to adhere to the new tariff, the ministry urged transport union heads and heads of car parks to comply with the new rule as part of the agreement signed in September last year.