Friday, January 27

Mix reactions as Minister of Environment announce the return of Set-setal

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By: Sainabou Sambou

Following the announcement made by the Minister of Environment on Monday, 16th January 2023 about the returns of the general cleaning exercise locally called Set-Setal, lots of people have voiced out their different opinion as they are awaiting the commencement of the date, 28th of January 2023.

Reaching out to some people to sample their opinion on this latest announcement, this reporter has gathered some different mix reactions from different people.

Speaking to Yahya Jallow, a trader in Serekunda said ‘‘I agree with the Set-setal because bringing people together for a general cleaning exercise is very important. There is no specific vendor that does general cleaning exercises so doing it together is good.”

He added “Living in a clean environment is very important. Customers also consider the place they buy their needs so if not in a clean environment, the business will not work. This is for all of us not only the vendors but customers should join the cleaning exercise in their houses too.”

Matarr Njie, “Set-Setal is very important a place where people live should be kept clean always. “What we use to know of Set-setal during ex-president Jammeh’s time was that it starts in the morning till 1:00 pm, all shops closed cars don’t go for services until the expiration time.

“I believe that every individual should keep their working environment clean at all times because living in a clean environment is to maintain good health. To be clean should be part of us. We should not wait for the call of the Government to do a general cleaning,” he said.

On a similar note, Muhammed Sumareh, “Set-setal is very important. No individual will be active if we don’t have good health. At the end of the day, all the work you do will be vested in medication. Therefore, I am fully in support of the Set-setal and looking forward to the 28th.”

FatouJange, “If the Set-setal will be in a collective way, I am in support of it. Let them provide a truck or bin that can take all the rubbish that we gather not to say we the vendors will be the only ones to do the cleaning while other vendors will go on with their activities. Let there be a penalty for those absent, this is just once a month.

“We all have our engagements but we have to take time off to clean where we sell because it is where we spend most of our time to provide the needs of our families. There must be a strict rule if the Government wants it to be continued,” she added.

Alpha Bah, “Set-Setal is good simply because we don’t have time to rest as vendors, so Set-setal also creates time for us to be with our families have some rest, and plan for the next day. I don’t disagree with Set-setal because that is the only moment where we can sit with my families.”

On the other hand, Modou Faye, “I don’t like the idea of Set-setal. Back in those days, when we will leave our home for Set-setal, close our shops from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm just to make sure that we go by the rules of the Set -setal, but at the end of the day the rubbish that we gathered will be left there till the following day without been put in the bin. I don’t think it has any importance unless things change.”

He suggested that they provide trucks to collect the rubbish hence every morning they clean their shops and councils should play a key role in motivating people about the Set-setal and urge them to do it rightly.

Fatou Kanteh, “I don’t agree with the Set-Setal, this cleaning exercise is not in the favor of the citizens. The duration given to us the business people, especially people selling at the market and its surroundings is limited and it will slow down our businesses. Most of us return our vegetables at the end of the day which is a huge loss for us and the majority feed from hand to mouth.”