Monday, December 4

MKAC internal auditor raises consistency issues in preparation of vouchers

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The witness testified on Wednesday and Thursday, making mindboggling revelations and informing the Commission of serious lapses at the entity where he works (the Mansakonko Area Council).

Beginning his hearing session, Baba Jarjusey’s written statement and other attached documents were tendered and admitted into evidence. The attachments included the 8 November 2017 and 8 January 2019 letters sent to the CEO, requesting a pre-auditing exercise and Internal Audit Report dated February 2020.

Mr Jarjusey disclosed: “There is no consistency in the preparation of voucher numbers. Sometimes, voucher numbers are duplicated.”

He also said that there is no consistency in preparing vouchers generally. “Sometimes they are completed and sometimes they are not completed,” he said.

The internal auditor also stated that the Mansakonko Area Council does not operate a petty cash system.

Moreover, he also testified that he usually also faces the challenge of getting data from the finance unit, and this was why he came up with an Excel spreadsheet where he stores information.

“There is no data for 2022 and 2023 because the vouchers do not pass through my office. The vouchers do not pass through my office for pre-auditing,” he testified.