Saturday, March 25

MoHERST inaugurates committee to revitalise TVET in Madrasas

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According to the Honourable Minister of Higher Education, Professor Pierre Gomez, “we need to bring TVET to our people; and as advocates of democracy, this involves those youth in the secondary education Madrassa. You can have mastery of the Quran, and also acquire skills to become a tailor, engineer, mechanic, etc. for your livelihood”.

Thus, he urges the newly inaugurated committee to develop a programme proposal that will identify key areas of intervention which will not go against the core values of the Madrasa system. 

Imam Essa Darboe, the President of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council –  المجلس الإسلامي الأعلى في غامبيا and Imam Baba Leigh, both members of the committee, expressed their delight and hope in this establishment. 

The setting up of the committee is a welcomed initiative and they look forward to working closely with MoHERST towards its successful implementation.

“Madrassa students are very intelligent and need to be motivated to become responsible citizens of the country,” the committee highlighted.             

 Source: MoHERST