Saturday, June 3

MoHERST to transform MDI into Civil Service University

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In an interview with the minister of MoHERST, Professor Pierre Gomez revealed that there is a team doing a study in some countries on civil service colleges, that in the coming weeks they would also launch a committee that would be working on the transformation of MDI into a Civil Service College or University. He added that this will be based on the recommendation of the stakeholders, either to have it as a College or a University.

He quickly noted that the game changer will be exclusively on Civil Service, adding that they want to stop MDI doing other programmes that are not related to civil service.

According to him, the Ministry wants MDI to be the engine for Civil Service transformation, adding that it needs to be linked.

“There are different models which they will discuss later with different partners.”

He revealed that one of the options is to ensure that before somebody is promoted within the civil service cadre, the individual must undergo some training at MDI at each level. Another option he noted is that before one even starts working in the civil service, he or she will pass through that training.

“When you are employed, you go straight for training, then later when you move from one level to another you also receive the training. In essence, we want the MDI to be that machine that will really support and galvanise the transformation of the civil service reforms that we are having,” he revealed.

He added that they have also launched the TVET programme by having regional TVET centers.

He further added that they have already completed the construction of the buildings at Mansakonko, Ndemban and Kanilai in the Fonis.

All of them have dormitories where students will stay on campus and classes will soon begin in earnest.

The MoHESRT minister also revealed that his Ministry will build multipurpose TVET centers in Wassu and agribusiness TVET center in Sapu, CRR.