Sunday, November 27

MOKI Aid holds fundraising to assist vulnerable families in Gambia

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By Awa Macalo

The MOKI Aid (Malick, Oumie, Khadija and Isatou) has organized a fundraising event in Manchester, Lancashire, to raise funds for the vulnerable children and mothers in The Gambia.

Its purpose is to help families with children encountering financial challenges back home to pay school fees and assist with health care problems.

It is also meant to provide assistance to the vulnerable and less privileged children to achieve their dreams.

The charity was formed in April 2016 in Lancashire.

In 2019, the organization has sponsored 53 Islamic school students, primary and secondary schools in the country, ten mothers and orphans in rural Gambia. It does also support young mothers and pregnant teenagers with health complications and supports them to develop a skill by sending them to skills training institutions.

This is aimed at closing the gaps in education and ease social pressure in raising children without early interventions.

It has also set up a MOKI Aid forum for parents to exchange ideas and a way to update them on funding and school benefits for children and parents.

In this month of November, the organization has a plan of helping sixty students in Islamic, primary and secondary schools across the country and ten teenage mothers with babies, ten orphans and two widows.