Friday, September 30

Momodou Sabally rejects the proposal to transform GTTI into a university

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By Mustapha Jarju

Honourable Momodou Sabally, firebrand United Democratic Party politician, has said the government proposal to transform Gambia Technical Training Institute into a university of science and technology will put skills training into jeopardy.

Sabally, also former secretary-general and head of civil service mentioned this while speaking at The Gambia College Students Teachers Association’s quiz and debate competition in Brikama.

According to him, the government should allocate more resources to The Gambia College School of Education instead of using resources to transform “GTTI into a so-called university of science and technology.

“They [government]should go to the University of The Gambia and give them better classrooms, better chairs and better laboratory, because that is our one and only public university to make the Gambian students better graduates. They [students]have the potential to be the next Chief Justice and hold high portfolios in this country, that should be our conversational debates inside and outside of our classrooms,” he said.

“If the government is serious about the development of this country, I am referring to the Vice President, let them bring the resources into The Gambia College and demolish the replica of failure made in Basse and bring the resource here to empower the students and teachers of the Gambia College so that they can go teach our children,” he admonished.

“If we do not execute the truth, our country will not move forward, and if the truth is executed, those who are supposed to be executed and what supposed to be executed, we should know, it can speak in languages different from the western languages. If we are doing our national political debate in English how would our grandparents understand,” he quarried.

Meanwhile, he continued: “there is no resource that any country can have that is more important than the human resources. You the young people your human resources are your integrity and that is what will power the engine of development in this country and nothing else

He, therefore, called on the student to take their education seriously, adding they bear fruit of their seriousness in the future.