Tuesday, March 28

More complaints emerge from residents of KM about continuous rise of prices of staple food

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By Karimatou Jallow

Residents of Kanifing Municipality continue to complain about the daily increasing of prices of commodities in the markets across the country, especially in the Greater Banjul. Despite series of calls and appeals of populace to the government to enforce price control to address the situation, still there is no different make till now.

One of the food commodities which price has indiscriminately doubled up by traders in the market is cooking oil; many residents who live from hand-to-mouth said if the situation is left unaddressed it will contribute to going bed without food.

One of the complainants, Mariama Joof said: “cooking oil is very expensive and it is a basic commodity that we used in preparation of our daily food.”

According to her, rise in food prices is as a result of no price control, she therefore appealed to the government to introduce price control

Obviously, they know that “some of these commodities are what we can live without them, I sell every day but with less profit. Most women like me are just selling because we cannot sit at home without working particularly that we have family to feed,” she lamented.

“Without much profit from what i am selling, it is my children that are helping me to solve some of my needs. Left to this business alone it will not sustain my needs. Please, let government make an effort and ensure that factories are established here for people to work,” she added.

“Things are becoming very hard in the country especially on commodities that are mostly needed by the people. Nowadays I find it uneasy to decide what to cook because everything in the market is expensive and those that we think will come up with a solution are still silent. Traders are just increasing the price of food commodity anyhow and nothing is done to change the situation. Is it because they know that we have no choice than buying them because we must eat?” Mariama Colley complained bitterly.

Dozens of others are not just calling on the government but begging the government to help address the situation as they said silence will not solve the problem.