Saturday, June 3

Moroccan Charge d’Affaires holds Iftar with Islamic leaders

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The event, held at the King Fahad Mosque in Banjul was initiated by Bilal Alhagie Ba Sainey Secka. The occasion was also graced by the Imam Ratib of Banjul, Alhagie Cherno Alieu Mass Kah, Minister of Religious Affairs Abba Sanyang and Imam Ousman Jah among others. 

In an interview, the Bilal of Banjul, Alhagie Bai Sainey Secka, described the occasion as important for the existing bond between The Gambia and Morocco. He added that the occasion was the first of its kind for Morocco to open an Embassy in the country.

He recalled that Sheikh Ahmed Tijan, the founder of the Tijania sect is from Morocco and that he has many followers in the country. 

“We thank the Charge d’Affaires for his generosity and efforts to consider the great event. We have high respect for Morocco and its government. The relationship between the two countries has existed for a long time. Many of the books of knowledge used in the Gambia in the old days came from Morocco,” he stated. 

On the bilateral ties, he reiterated that they want to expand Islamic education, noting that their aim is to consolidate the relationship between the two countries based on mutual benefits.

Imam Alhagie Ousman Jah also stated that this would revive the then-existing relationship between the Gambia and Morocco that had existed for decades. He also said that this was the first time Morocco had an embassy in the country under the leadership of President Adama Barrow. 

Imam Jah said that this was the first time to also see a diplomat sit with the community in a joint iftar to share speeches. He added this plays a vital role in consolidating the relationship between the two countries.

“Morocco is the centre of Sufism and we anticipate more interaction and exchange visits between Suffises of the two countries, as well as exchange ideas to further strengthen the bond,” he said. 

He further told this medium that Charge d’Affaires Ahmed expressed delight for the first time to sit with the Gambia community while branding The Gambia as a religious country and thanked President Adama Barrow, Imam Ratib, and Bilal for the initiative.