Tuesday, June 6

Morocco intercepts 2 migrant boats from Gambia

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Information available to us through our Mission in Rabat indicates that the first boat, which left The Gambia on Thursday 23rd March 2023, was carrying one hundred and sixty-one people (161), out of which one hundred and forty-eight (148) were Gambians. 

The second boat left on Friday 24th March 2023 carrying one hundred migrants, out of which forty-eight were Gambians, bringing the total number of Gambians to two hundred and thirty-three (233).

Within the framework of the close cooperation and partnership between the two brotherly countries, the Moroccan Government in collaboration with The Gambia Embassy in Rabat, is facilitating the necessary arrangements for the safe, and smooth repatriation of Gambian migrants back to The Gambia.

In view of the foregoing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reassures the general public that all efforts will be employed to ensure the protection of Gambians and their interests abroad at all times.