Monday, December 5

Mother fears son may kill her

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Edition: Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 2:39 PM

She added that as soon as she woke up to open the door, her cousin asked her whether she did not see her mobile phone. She further stated that she searched for it but could not find it. She said she told her cousin that she would find out from her children whether they knew anything about the mobile phone.

“This was the time when I approached one of my sons, Omar Cham, and asked him about the lost mobile phone but he told me that he neither saw nor took the mobile phone. He started insulting me because he said I accused him of stealing the mobile phone. He then threatened to kill me. He said he is the one who is going to take my life,” she told the court.

She narrated that he further threatened that she would be next in the list to be killed by him. “I began to search his room but due to his arrogance and the way he was shouting at me, I decided to leave his room. Being a woman, I felt that it was not safe to stay long in his room,” she posited.

Earlier, the accused, Omar Cham, pleaded not guilty when the charge sheet was read to him. Prosecutor 3577 Kebbeh told the court that he was opposing bail. He cited some authorities to support his argument. He argued that if the accused is granted bail, he may kill his mother as he threatened. The presiding magistrate granted the application made by the prosecutor not to grant the accused bail.

According to the charge sheet, Omar Cham held a cutlass and a broken bottle, threatening matricide.

Haddy Bayo, the complainant, is expected to continue her testimony on the 3rd May, 2021.