Monday, December 5

MOTIE remains committed that essential commodities are available

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The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) has assured that it continues to remain committed to ensure that essential commodities are available, accessible, and affordable by the general public especially during these trying times of Global economic turmoil in which prices of essential commodities are on the rise as a result of COVID 19 pandemic and the Russia – Ukraine War.

A statement made available on Monday stated that these factors have disrupted global food production and supply chain prompting global food crisis particularly in the developing countries.

“As part of the Government on-going efforts to ensuring availability of affordable essential commodities in the country, the National Food Security and Marketing Corporation (Formerly GGC) was encouraged to intervene in the importation of Essential Commodities with a view to increasing the supply base of these commodities which would also contribute to price stability in the market.

The Corporation has accepted the challenge and imported 139 containers of edible cooking oil (MADINA Cooking Oil IV 57 with Vitamin A). These quantities are currently available in stock at the Corporation Head Office at Denton Bridge (Saro),” the statement said.

The statement urged that anyone interested in buying edible cooking oil for domestic consumption can get it at the former GGC at a reduced wholesale price of D1, 695.00 (One Thousand Six Hundred and Ninety Five Dalasi) per 20 litre gallon and D495.00 (Four Hundred and Ninety-Five Dalasi) per 5 litre gallon.

“The Government through the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment would like to use this opportunity to reassure the general public that the government is concerned about the price volatility of essential commodities and is taking all necessary measures to ensure that these goods are available, accessible and affordable. We want to take this opportunity to inform general public that the Ministry is also involve in other initiatives that it believe would impact positively on the prices of these commodities and would very soon share the information with the public through a press conference,” the statement conclude.