Monday, October 3

Motorcyclist died in truck accident

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By Nicholas Bass

Ebrima Ceesay, a motorcyclist on Tuesday, met his death in a fatal accident as he collided with a truck along Tujereng Highway in Kombo South, in the West Coast Region.

The truck driver, Babou Tambedou is said to be a native of Tamba in the Central River Region with a Gambian registered plate number WCR 8561B was said to be driving along the road of Tujereng where eventually collided with the late Ebrima Ceesay, a native of Brufut.

Speaking at the scene in an interview with Babou Tambedou, he stated that,’’I was driving along the road but when I saw Lamin Ceesay, the motorcyclist I left the main road to avoid colliding with him on the road’’. ‘’This accident is painful and it has never happened to me,’’ the truck driver Tambedou exclaimed.