Saturday, September 30

NA approves 30% increment for low-income earners

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By Binta Jaiteh

After a rigorous presentation and debate on the Revised Budget of The Gambia 2022 that lasted hours, the National Assembly Members finally approved a 30% increment in salary for the low-income earners.

While other approvals after laying of the revised estimates of the revenue and expenditure for the year 2022 by the Honourable Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs at the first Extra-Ordinary Session in the 2022 Legislative Year held Thursday, 28th August 2022 are as follows –

D764,157,781 for Office of The President; D376,581,024 for National Assembly; Judiciary D245,238,000; Independent Electoral Commission D118,666,170; Public Service Commission D11,205,544; National Audit Officer D193,716,928; Ministry of Defence D841,481,672; Ministry of Interior D1,318,313,037; Ministry of Tourism and Culture D41,145,387; Ministry of foreign Affairs D1,074,825,970.

Also approved for the Ministry of Justice D107,584,900; Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs D1,162,773,766; Pensions and Gratuities D425,093,000; Ombudsman D33,616,967; Centralized Services D1,416,600,474; Ministry of Lands and Regional Government D184,103,051; Ministry of Agriculture D385,841,663; Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure D2,217,750,903; Ministry of Trade Reg Integration and Employment D110,869,955; Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education D3,032,922,299.

Others are the Ministry of Health D2,382,806,157 22; Ministry of Youth and Sports D104,959,730; Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Wildlife D231,004,780; Ministry of Information D24,359,263; Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources D39,630,978; Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology D264,488,699; Ministry of Petroleum and Energy D48,226,555;  Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare D77,852,919; Ministry of National Human Rights Commission D53,766,265; Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy D52,829,569; Ministry of Public Service, Admin Reforms, Policy Coo D134,663,099 and National Debt Service D5,292,065,131 33 and Total 22,769,141,636

However, there is no increment or deduction for the National Assembly, NAO, Judiciary, and IEC