Tuesday, May 30

NAAG and partners train farmers on business plan development and management –

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By: Haruna Kuyateh

 National Alliance on Agroecology Gambia (NAAG) in partnership with ActionAid International The Gambia with funding from Wetland International and PABIO on Friday organised a daylong training on business plan development, management, and marketing for 30 farmers at Jokadou National Park in North Bank Region.

The training was part of one year project meant for the Management of Mangroves Forests from Senegal to Benin to enhance Resilience to Climate Change.

 The synergy was held in Kuntair of Jokadou North Bank Region.

 Musa Sowe Secretary General of the National Alliance on Agroecology Gambia noted that the project aimed at strengthening the capacity of beneficiaries along the park and enhancing sustainable forest management and livelihood development.

 He disclosed that the project will work with partners to review the management plan and align it with current reality to enhance effective resource utilization. 

Mr. Sowe reiterated that sensitization of communities around the forest belt on policies and processes to improve management and governance among opinion leaders to boost decision-making. 

Baba Leigh Ndong, on behalf of the Jokadou chief, thanked National Alliance on Agroecology Gambia for the foresight to enhance the effective management and protection of Jokadou National Park. 

He noted that the district authority will support the project for the betterment of the district.

 Awa Gaye Former ward councillor for Kerr Jariga described the engagement as important, saying it will help to better the lives of women through the value chain. She noted the need for all hands to be on deck to protect the forest from bushfires.

 Pateh Sisay, Manager of the Jokadou National Park said the management and protection of 19,623ha of the park call for collaborative efforts to enhance the restoration of lost mangroves and forest cover. 

He said the protection and preservation of forests would contribute to breeding wildlife species and improve biodiversity.