Monday, December 4

NAATIP Trains Shelter Staff

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By: AdamaNyang

The National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons (NAATIP) on Tuesday trained shelter staff on victim-centered and trauma-informed care approaches.

The training was aimed at broadening theunderstanding of the participants about the dynamics of Trafficking in person, and the manner in which victims of trafficking are treated.  

Addressing the opening ceremony of the training at Senegambia Beach Hotel on Tuesday, NAATIP bossIsatou Darboe highlighted the importance of the forum, describing it as vital as, according to her, all shelter workers play a vital role in the protection of victims of trafficking in persons.

“It is very important for the staff to understand the dynamics of trafficking in persons, and know that there is a requirement that victims of trafficking are treated in a particular manner based on their needs, their trauma, and the experience they go through. And then, there are so many things that you may or may not be aware of that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to dealing with victims of trafficking in persons,” she underscored.

She stated that the shelter workers are well trained indoing their job, adding the care that is required and the quality of service for victims needs to be tailored. 

“You may see a victim as a victim but there are many issues that need to be given very quick attention. For example, two individuals may be victims of trafficking but the experience and trauma of one may not necessarily be the same as the other,” Mrs. Darboe pointed out

Darboe explained that the training was geared towards exposing shelter staff to the requirements of handling or dealing with a victim of trafficking in person.

 “This training is not going to be the first and last as this is going to be part one of the training and all the subsequent training NAATIP will be holding will be centered on how they can improve the quality of service that is provided by the shelter staff and generally the causes and key consequences surrounding trafficking in persons,” she revealed.