Saturday, March 25

NALA Executive secretary urges Judiciary to consider happenings in district tribunals

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By Mama A. Touray

Ahmed Kemo Ceesay, National Agency for Legal Aid’s Executive Secretary has urged the judiciary to consider happenings in district tribunals. 

In an interview with this medium during a two-day capacity-building held on the reforms of the rules of practice and procedure of the high court and the subordinate courts, held at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center, Executive Officer said the process in the district tribunal is very informal.

“I think the judiciary should look into that properly to make sure that they are given capacity or reforms to introduce and to make sure that people who appear before the district tribunal don’t get a bad deal. 

 “I want them to consider what happens in the district tribunals because these are part of our judicial systems and they decide cases ranging from matrimonial cases, customary laws, and more important laws such as land disputes. Some of these disputes lands disputes have a high value of millions.”

Meanwhile, Ceesay highlighted the importance of the training stating that the training is not only important to judicial officers but to anyone who deals with the legal profession and who deals with justice matters in this country.

“It is important to be part of this workshop to discuss issues of the procedural rule on how people come to court, how they proceed with their cases, and when they win their cases how they can gain judgment in a manner which is quick and fast in all circumstances,” he expressed.

He added that having the law without applying the procedural rules properly and in a manner that creates a balance for the litigants then you are very much likely not going to get a fair and balanced outcome. 

“The procedural rule or the court management process is important as far as justice is concerned as the versed majority of people who go to court in this country don’t have a lawyer. That being the case it is important that the procedural rules are made simple, clear, and in a language that the ordinary Gambian will understand so that they don’t face difficulties when they bring cases to the court because of the procedural technicalities,” he stated. 

He further urged Ceesay urged participants to participate and speak up their minds and bring out the issues that may be particular to a particular person in the whole process especially legal representatives.