Wednesday, June 7

NAM alerts Info minister on poor communication service

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The Nianija NAM made the call during the sine-die adjournment of the National Assembly. He said Gamtel/ Gamcel is one of the poor GSM service providers in the provinces, adding that more efforts need to be made to ensure it is more effective throughout the whole country.

“The other networks are trying, but we still need more intervention in that area,” he said. “We also want to enjoy the internet and the communication with our people in the Diaspora.”

Dilating on the challenges their women face in their rice fields, Hon Camara called for more farm implements, saying they are still using traditional system of farming. “Therefore, I am calling on the Minister of Agriculture to intervene in that area,” he appealed.

On electricity, Hon Camara informed deputies: “There are still communities without electricity and water, though I have to commend the Government of The Gambia because they provide some boreholes to some communities, and even some philanthropists are also helping.”