Wednesday, September 27

NAM Calls for Lifting of Moratorium on Death Penalty

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By Binta JaitehThe NAM for Lower Fulladu West has called for the lifting of the moratorium on the death penalty.

His call on Tuesday for the return of the death penalty followed the fatal shooting of paramilitary officers on Monday that left two dead and another critically injured.

NAM GibbiMballow told the House that the “strange happenings” in the country are pathetic and touching, adding that the developments should unite all Gambians in action to stem the bizarre happenings. 

He pointed out that “the people distracting this country”should be brought to book as he recommended the harshest punishment for perpetrators.

“If they are caught, I don’t expect them to be taken to prison,” Mballow stated.

The NAM for Busumbala Muhammed Kanteh in his contribution said: “It is indeed with a heavy heart that we woke up and found ourselves in this unfortunate circumstance. This sent a signal that the country we once called the Smiling Coast of Africa is losing that glory.” 

He added: “We must fasten our belts to make sure that we do what is necessary. We have programs, among them, is the security sector reform, which is on course… that should be immediately and properly considered and be implemented by this government.”

Kanteh pointed out that guns and drugs have been brought into the country only to vanish in thin air.

“We cannot continue to be governed in that manner,” he emphasized.

NAM Foni Kansala Almamy Gibba described the shooting as tragic and unfortunate that the entire nation ‘is mourning’.

“The law should take its course in making sure that the perpetrators are brought to justice to defend the armedand security of this country,” he stressed.

He recommended the arming of security forces, especially those posted at strategic locations. Gibba said the security forces should have an enhanced communications system, lamenting that the officers now rely on outdated communication gadgets and undesignated devices like mobile phones. 

“The police officers should establish a strategic quick response and backup security checkpoints immediately,” he recommended.