Monday, June 5

NAM For Niani Voices Lack Of Development In His Constituency 

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Hon. Omar Jobe NAm For Naina Constituency. 

By Ramatoulie Jawo 

The National Assembly Member (NAM) for Niani constituency, Hon. Omar Jobe, raised serious concerns about the lack of development in his constituency. 

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Hon. Jobe said that after touring the length and breadth of the Niani constituency, he always asked himself whether his people are considered in terms of development. 

“Hon. Speaker looking at Niani, with a total population of 28, 343, but when it comes to road networks we are suffering. When it comes to hospitals, it is the same thing. When comes it comes to the availability of water, is another issue. As I am speaking to you, we still have some of our village people walking long distances to other areas to fetch clean drinking water. This is a burning issue and something very hard that the people of Niani are dealing with,” he stated. 

Hon. Jobe stated that in the realm of hospitals and healthcare delivery, the only hope his constituents have is the Kuntaur Health Centre. 

“We have a very good lab. But still, now the lab is not functional. It was in July when I made mentioned that in the adjournment debate. This was the time we lost a lady who was rushed to Bansang Hospital as a result of a cervical tear after giving birth. She could not survive after that incident. We have many more incidents of that nature that occurred as a result of bad road conditions. 

“Just imagine around 2 am or 3 am carrying someone on a donkey cart to Kuntaur Health Center. In most cases, before you reach the hospital either the baby will have a problem or the mother will have a problem,” he said. 

Hon. Jobe said Niani is second to known when it comes to loyalty to the ruling government, lamenting that Niani is an area where opposition is not given any ground to breathe. 

The Member for Nianii made these deliberations during the adjournment debate of the National Assembly’s first ordinary session of the 2023 Legislative year. 

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