Saturday, April 1

NAM frowns at President Barrow, says commission of inquiry is not Witch-Hunt but Mayor-Hunt

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hon. Modou Lamin B. Bah, National Assembly Member for Banjul North Constituency described the commission set up to investigate the administrative matters of the Local Government as a target designed to hunt mayors.

The Commission of inquiry has opened a massive debate on social media, and has still left the majority in doubt, especially politicians while urging the president to rescind his decision.

In an interview with The Voice yesterday, the lawmaker for Banjul North, Honorable Bah said: “I want to put it to President Adama Barrow, we know that this is not a Witch-Hunt but instead a Mayor-Hunt. We know very well that his target is Banjul City Council and Kanifing Municipal Council respectively. But let me also remind him that the Mayors are not the spending officers of the councils and he should be very mindful of that.”

He continued: “Talking about other commissions that were established by his administration and still cannot implement any report(s), I am urging him to take a step on them too and implement the reports as stated by the laws of The Gambia.”

He stressed that the commission of inquiry into local councils and other matters is a clear manifestation of both intellectual and political dishonesty.

“The commission of inquiry is indeed a very good idea and with no doubt it will strengthen our institutions for sustainable development and get rid of corruption. But, the timing of this commission is politically motivated, which is the least I expect from the central government of the day.”

 Hon. Bah urged President Barrow to engage his Ministry of Local Government and Lands to start implementing the subvention of 25% of the 60% development budgets of all councils immediately as required by the laws of the country. “We must adhere to all the rules if we mean serious business. I am also urging the public to remain calm and vigilant with the current situation we are faced with as Gambians,” he stressed.