Tuesday, December 5

NAM Gibba Accuses NAMs of Selective Justice, Partisanship

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By: Binta Jaiteh

The National Assembly Member(NAM)for FoniKansala, Almamy Gibba, has accused some NAMs of selective justice and partisanship.

“These parliament members are doing selective justice and are partisan. I am sorry for a country called The Gambia and its representatives but I also wholeheartedly thank the members, who attended [parliamentary debate], to look into this particular bill,” NAM Gibba stated during a debate on the Former President Bill boycotted by over 30 NAMs.  

Legislator Gibba explained that NAMs are people’srepresentatives elected to fight for their constituents in particular and the country at large.  

“The bill is not an exception. Some bills were passedyesterday, which I have objections to while others I voted no but I didn’t dodge. It’s a shame! I am not, I will not, and I won’t be part of that crew. We are representative of the people, by the people and for the people,” NAM Gibba asserted.

The Foni Kansala NAM queried why NAMs would run on the second day if they believe that they are armed soldiers of themselves, who attended the first battle.“Then, why would you run on the second day,” Gibbaasked. He added: “I think you are not fit for purpose. If I do such today, I will resign as a representative of the people of Foni.”

Gibba reiterated that he was elected by the people of Kansala to represent them, adding it would be a shame on him as a representative of his people to attend a day’s session only to boycott a bill session.

He extolled the Minister of Justice for presenting the bill and NAMs, who willingly stayed without outsidepressure.