Monday, December 4

NAM warn Ministers to be  careful  before sending documents to parliament

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By Binta Jaiteh

Suwaibou Touray member of the National Assembly for Wuli East and chair of the assembly’s business committee warned Ministers to be careful  before sending documents to the parliament for consideration and ratification.

The member in an interview noted that , we have seen that none of the documents by Works and Transport Minister Ebrima Sillah were signed and the Minister of Works was asked before the sitting started, he realized that they were not signed.“

This prompted him to move a Motion to withdraw all the Motions which was accepted, It was accepted because that was the only option at the time” Touray saidThey should take note of this  otherwise they risk being called inefficient or disorganized he continued that they have all the clerks to help them ensure that everything is done properly especially when it relates to Parliament where everything is done in the open and any small error can be misconstrued.

The Wuli East lawmaker further said apart from the expenses incurred, it is also a lot of energy wasted and time as members spend much time scrutinizing the documents which were provided to them some weeks back,printing these bulgy documents for all the members is also very expensive to the State.

However, I don’t think it’s deliberate but they just assume that their clerks have done everything right and all they do is to come and introduce only to learn that the needful has not been done. They are very much embarrassed and therefore could not have done it deliberately.

He assured that, the Assembly Business Committee which he chairs will surely address the matter internally to instruct the Table Office not to schedule any international document for tabling unless it’s signed.