Thursday, October 6

NAM who claims loving Barrow than Barrow himself says country’s agric is failure

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Hon. Sainey Jawara, the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Lower Saloum, who claimed he likes President Adama Barrow more than the president himself………

Lower Saloum lawmaker added that the Agricultural Ministry could not still provide a platform of self-food sufficiency to the nation despite having several PHD holders.

Speaking during a debate on President Adama Barrow’s State of the Nation’s Address on Monday, the controversial NAM also encouraged police officers to practise corruption, saying “the police officers should take bribe because their monthly salaries cannot sustain them. Their allowances are too small compared to the ministers and permanent secretaries among others in the government.”

On Agriculture, he said the Ministry of Agriculture and its Department has failed the Gambian people and farmers “woefully.”

He argued that the ministry is doing little efforts to revamp rice fields (‘faros’) that are purposely for rice cultivation in places like Upper River Region (URR) Central River Region (CRR) for the well-being of the Gambian and the government at large.

Hon. Jawara also raised concerns about the alarming rate of corruption, saying: “The government should address the issues of corruption because it is everywhere. “You would see government officials appointed into office, and within six weeks, they would start building a mansion and driving expensive cars,” he mentioned.