Tuesday, December 6

NaNA, Essau Health Region monitoring Measle and Rubella vaccination

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By: Haruna Kuyateh

National Nutrition Agency NaNA in collaboration with Essau Health Region and partners is monitoring the measles and Rubella vaccination that started on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, nationwide.

Modoulamin Fofana Regional Health Director, commended the intervention of the Ministry of Health and UNICEF for supporting a measle campaign targeting to protect children from 9 months to 59months, noting that the vaccine is safe and certified by WHO and there is no cause for alarm.

Fofana disclosed that the region in 2021 to 2022 registered 2 cases of measles and noted that the campaign will protect children from measle disease.

According to him, the campaign is part of periodic vaccination of children, and was quick to say that, during the peak period of COVID-19 most children missed taking their vaccination which resulted in an outbreak of measles.

The high level of absenteeism of children for routine vaccination contributed to mass vaccination against measle, he noted.

He pointed out that his office instituted a rumors management committee and quick reaction team during the peak of covid19 and that has dispelled rumors and enhanced public compliance.

He added that the committee has been trained on how to handle complaints and clarified issues. He said the intervention has helped a lot to boost the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Commenting on ongoing birth registration and health insurance cards, he expressed satisfaction with a high level of collaboration with local authorities.

Alpha Mballow, National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) field officer in Essau described the role as important, noting that protecting children from diseases is the way forward.

The campaign provides vitamin A and deworming for children from 6 months and 59 months while the measles target is 9 months to 59months.

He said measles affects the eye of a child and therefore there is a need for closer collaboration and networking.

Hawa Touray Public Health Officer at the Fass Njaga Choi cluster said the campaign is important, noting that they have 1 case of Rubella and measles, describing the vaccination as timely and will protect children from diseases and boost their immune systems.