Tuesday, March 28

NaNA observes World Breastfeeding Week, calls for more action

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By: Haruna Kuyateh

The National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) in collaboration with the Regional Health Directorate of Farafenni recently observed World Breastfeeding Week and was held in Saaba, Njaba Kunda, Illiasa, Farafenni and Ngain Sanjal, North Bank Region.

The celebration was meant for creating public awareness about the significance of practicing exclusive breastfeeding and its benefits, it was supported by UNICEF.

Musa Dahaba, the Senior Program Officer of the National Nutrition Agency dilated on the need to create awareness among women of reproductive age on the importance of breast milk and most importantly practicing exclusive breastfeeding.

He said breastfeeding is crucial for the growth and development of a child.

Mr Dahaba thanked UNICEF for supporting the government in promoting exclusive breastfeeding among all categories of the society to ensure compliance and support to protect children from diseases.

The attainment of meeting national targets of 90% by 2025 calls for concerted efforts of all. He noted that the three basic things in breast milk include a stable mind, good nutrients in the production of milk, and putting the child on the breast.

He used the occasion to call on women and men to support NaNA and the Ministry of Health in the quest to boost the health and nutritional development of children.

Yusupha Jawo, Nutrition Field Officer of NaNA at Farafenni Health Region noted that the recent DHIS studies conducted in 2020 indicated that 54% of women are practicing exclusive breastfeeding whilst the national target is 90% by 2025. He noted that first breast milk is safe and good for the child immediately after birth.

Jawo strongly called on women to be goodwill Ambassadors of practicing exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices using local products. Noting that breast milk keeps the baby healthy, supplied necessary nutrients, and protects against diseases like diabetes and cancer.

More so, he said it protects against allergies, sickness, diabetes, cancer, ear infections, diseases, and obesity.

Abubacar Y Jarju Community Health Nurse at Mbamori Kunda and Abubacar Manjang CHN Dobo and Bakary Jawara CHN Saaba and Fatoumata Kanteh of Karantaba in Central Badibou applauded all made positive remarks about the practice.