Tuesday, March 21

National Assembly to sit over Anti-Corruption Bill in February

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By Adama Makasuba

The National Assembly Committee on Finance and Public Account will present its report and recommendation on the Anti-Corruption Bill on 3 February for approval.

The Bill seeks to help address rampant corruptions in the country but it has been dragging in the National Assembly since 2020.

Honorable Alhagie Mbow, chairman of the National Assembly Committee on Finance and Public Account said his committee will present their report and recommendations to the House on 3 February.

“Right now, as we speak, we have reviewed the Bill already and then we’ve already been schedule to present our report on Thursday, 3 February when the new session begins. So already we have been given a date to present our recommendations to the preliminary and then from there the Bill will take its course. I think fighting corruption has to actually start from somewhere that is you create institutions that will help in the fight and again, corruption is critical and dynamic. So, create institutions that will actually help,” he added.

However, he accepted the long delay of the bill to the National Assembly especially a committee he headed, adding the bill has been given to the lawmakers since 2020.

“I think the executive has done what they supposed to do, to create a legislative Act that was sent to parliament since 2019.”

“So, I can say without any reservation that the delay of the Anti-Corruption Bill really is at the hands of the parliament, particularly my own which the Committee on Finance and Public Account because we have been with the Bill since 2020 it was really slow,” he disclosed.