Wednesday, September 27

National Security Adviser: Suspect Admits Membership In Cassamance Rebel Group

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Abubakarr Suleiman Jeng, National Security Adviser (NSA)

By Buba Gagigo

The National Security Adviser, Abubakarr Suleiman Jeng, has disclosed at a press briefing that the suspect in the killing of two paramilitary officers has admitted to being a member of a rebel group in Cassamance.

“I am not aware of where it was indicated in the reports that were available to me that there was a specific description of the weapon. What we know is that it is a pistol. It’s a firearm. What we also know is that the suspect has indicated to us that he acquired the weapon in Cassamance. The suspect has indicated to us that he has not served in any of the security institutions, but was a member of the rebel group in Cassamance. That I can tell you. The weapon is not from any of our inventory as far as our arms and munitions are concerned, but he has indicated to us that he was a member of rebels, and he has fought in the Cassamance insurgency. And this is where he acquired the weapon. And unless we get that weapon, which we are doing our best to do, we will not be able to give further information as it relates to that,” the National Security Adviser said.

The National Security Adviser also revealed that they have arrested six other suspects in connection to the killing of the two paramilitary officers.

“Other than the suspect Ousainou Bojang, there are other six (arrested) that I will not mention their names here but what I can also indicate to you is that as far as the information we have from the investigators, none of them are associated with any of the security institutions at the moment,” Mr Jeng said.

On Tuesday, two paramilitary officers were shot and killed at the Sukuta Traffic Light. The suspect in the shooting, Ousainou Bojang, was arrested the following day in the Senegalese village of Jululung.