Monday, October 3

NAWEC initiates compensation for landowners in Brikama for spillage caused by floods

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The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has initiated compensation plans for some affected landowners in communities in Brikama including Kembujeh Sabu Kunda, following serious spillage caused by flooding.

It is not yet known whether the compensation has already been paid or presently ongoing. However, the plan has been confirmed by the country’s disaster agency, National Disaster Management Agency in its Situational Report.

“Sewage systems and waters have been blocked as a result of waste disposal in gutters in Banjul while Kanifing Municipality (KM) drainages; community waste collection sites have been heavily flooded, resulting in polluted streets, roads and infrastructure down to household level,” the disaster agency disclosed.

Furthermore, with the heavy flooding at various places within the Greater Banjul Area, the heavy rain led to an overflow of NAWEC’s sludge at Brikama Power plants 1, 2 and 3 causing spillage to the surrounding communities including Kembujeh Sabu Kunda.

In response to this, the agency added, the National Environment Agency (NEA) in collaboration with key stakeholders conducted a Rapid Assessment.

“Brikama NAWEC took full responsibility for the incident and already conducted measures to contain the spill, as well as rehabilitation measures, and compensation payments to the affected landowners have been initiated.

Accordingly, it has also been highlighted that the National Environment Agency (NEA) will follow up with a detailed assessment of this incident and supervision of NAWEC’s immediate response actions in order to derive measures for restoration and rehabilitation.

Nevertheless, NAWEC itself had acknowledged this occurrence some time ago in a release that was titled ‘sludge spillage in Brikama due to severe weather’.

It stated: “NAWEC regrets to inform the general public that due to the heavy rains on Saturday, there was an overflow of rainwater and oil sludge from the Brikama Power Station which affected neighbouring communities and the surrounding areas.

“In coordination with stakeholders, we are working swiftly to mitigate the impact. NAWEC solicits the usual patience and understanding of the general public,” it concluded.

However, the national utility giant didn’t go into detail to explain whether it would compensate those the spillage affected as reported by the NDMA.