Friday, September 22

NAWEC Signs 20 Megawatt Solar PV Plant Contract

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By Landing Ceesay

The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) with TBEA Sunoasis yesterday signed a contract for the development of a 20 Megawatt Solar PV Plant.

“Yesterday marked an important milestone in the country’s energy sector as we signed a first-of-its-kind contract with TBEA Sunoasis for the development of a 20 Megawatt Solar PV Plant in Jambur,” NAWEC said in a statement on Facebook.

The company stated that the solar plant will enhance power generation capacity as it strives to create universal access for all Gambians by 2025.

“Additionally, this will serve as an important step in the fulfilment of our commitment to explore clean energy sources,” NAWEC added.

The Gambia’s energy company, NAWEC is involved in the generation and provision of electricity, drinking water & sewerage services for domestic, industrial & commercial uses.