Tuesday, June 6

NBR Cashew Farmer highlights challenges –

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By: Binta Jaiteh

Burama Marong, a prominent cashew businessman in North Bank Region lamented challenges in the cashew industry while urging the government to take urgent measures.

In an interview with this medium, Mr. Marong said he has been in this business for over ten years but this year the challenges we encounter are enourmous and terrible.

“We are very desperate because looking at it last year we were able to sell a kilo at D70 but this year they claim to buy per kilo at forty-five or forty-three which has made it difficult for us to sell our cashews.”

He added that no matter how the circumstances might be at least if there is a change in the price, it would be better than a low price, noting they are not aware of the government taking any steps to address the matter. 

“We all know that the cashew business is very important but if the rain drops on the cashews including the ones that the rain didn’t touch at all you will find out that the price will be the same and that will affect us in general,” he explained.

He said they abandoned most of their other activities just to plant cashew in those gardens, “so if this will be the outcome of the price then we have to think about it critically.” 

Adding to it, he said Njaba Kunda is not the only village facing this challenge even the neighboring villages are going through the same problem which is an urgent concern to them.

“It is difficult to see a customer and if they come the price they ask will not be favorable to us, adding Senegalese don’t buy cashew from us and our intention is for our cashew to be sold immediately if the government failed to take a quick step to find ways it will be another obstacle,” he added.