Tuesday, June 6

NBR electorate urged to vote UDP

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Mr. Njie made the remarks during an interview with The Point Newspaper.

“UDP did not have many seats in NBR in this past local government elections for the councillors because their supporters in the said region did not go massively to vote for the party candidates,” he claimed.

UDP North Bank Region PRO Njie said National People’s Party (NPP) did not defeat UDP in NBR, arguing UDP supporters in the region did not turn out to vote for the party candidates.

Had our party militants showed up for the councillorship elections and voted for the party candidates, NPP would not get a single seat.

“Chairmanship and Mayoral elections are just at the corner; so let UDP supporters go and vote in their villages especially in the North Bank Region,” Njie said. “I want to appeal to all those people who are in Kombos to go and vote in the provinces in order to rescue the country,” he urged.

The NBR PRO also urged his supporters not to vote for NPP candidate Papa Tunkara in this upcoming chairmanship election, claiming Mr. Tunkara has betrayed his former political party Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) as their sitting councillor for the Farafenni Ward.

He further claimed that as a result of that betrayal, the people of NBR should not vote for Tunkara as he is “not trustworthy.”