Monday, October 2

NBR Police Commissioner Beefs Up Security At Sainabou Martin-Sonko’sResidence  –

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Regional Police Commissioner for North Bank Region(NBR) has beefed up security at Sainabou Martin-Sonko’s official residence in Kerewan following a suspected burglary therein. 

Suspected thieves reportedly broke into the house of  theformer KMC CEO in Kerewan as she joined her family in the Kombos to celebrate Tobaski.

Her suitcase, containing her official clothes, was reportedly taken away but was later found at the outskirt of Kerewanby three women. 

The women were invited to Kerewan police station for questioning and Mrs Martin-Sonko praised them for “summoning the courage” to return the clothes. 

The police in Kerewan have already opened investigations in the matter.

Meanwhile, NBR’s police boss Commissioner AnsumanaKinteh has increased security in and around the residence of the former KMC CEO.

Commissioner Kinteh was recently at the governor’s office in Kerewan and one of the outcomes of his visit there was the reinforcement of security at Mrs. Martin-Sonko’sresidence,The Voice has gathered.

“I am indeed grateful and appreciative to Commissioner Kinteh for the deployment of extra paramilitary at my residence,” she told The Voice on Sunday. 

Mrs Martin-Sonko also thanked the regional police force for their concern as she expressed gratitude and appreciation for the upscaling of night patrols around her Kerewan residence.