Tuesday, June 6

NCCE Sensitises Communities on Democratic Governance and Peace ahead of LG Elections

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By:  Haruna Kuyateh

The National Council for Civic Education (NCCE), with support from The ECOWAS Mission to The Gambia, on Tuesday began another round of civic engagement dubbed “Community Sensitisation on Democratic Governance and The Electoral Process.”

The Sensitisation began in Suwareh Kunda in Lower Baddibu, North Bank and is aimed at deepening citizens’ understanding of the principles and values of democracy and to promote peace and tolerance in the upcoming local government elections and beyond.

The Programme Manager of NCCE Yusupha Bojang, described the Community Sensitisation on Democratic Governance and The Electoral Process as pivotal in the consolidation of democratic governance, peace and tolerance.

Bojang made these remarks in Suwareh Kunda and Yallaltankonjala in the Lower and Upper Baddibu Districts in the North Bank Region. He noted that the NCCE with support from The Gambia Government and ECOWAS promote democracy, tolerance and social cohesion in ensuring peace, harmony and security in The Gambia.

Ansumana Sisay and AnsumanaYarbou Senior Program Officer and Program Officer called on the electorates to be law abiding and exercise their democratic franchise within the confines of the law. The duo said the outreach program is aimed at empowering and strengthening communities to have a better understanding of conflicts and preventive measures, and create social cohesion through peace building initiatives. They made a call on the youth in particular to be innovative in sustaining peace and security.

Yaya Bajo, the Inter-party representative thanked NCCE and ECOWAS for the foresight; noting that their intervention has helped to increase understanding on democratic principles which will be crucial in voting for the right candidates in upcoming local government elections.

Jonkunda Fofana VDC Chairman of Suwareh Kunda lauded the program which he said is important as levels of political understanding are quite low. He noted that the VDC will continue to engage the community in an ongoing dialogue to further enlighten people on democracy and rule of law.

Arokiatou Fofana the Women representative at the VDC noted that the awareness program will help in burying political differences and strengthen family relationships within communities. She used the moment to call on women to promote a violence- free campaign, election and post- election