Monday, February 6

NEA Vows to Take Drastic Action Against Defaulters of Hazardous Chemicals

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By Binta Jaiteh

Lamin Jaiteh, Registrar of Pesticides and Hazardous Chemicals at the National Environment Agency (NEA) revealed that defaulters or persons found using hazardous chemicals will pay a fine of D150, 000 or risk a jail term of three years in default as stipulated in the agency’s acts.

In an interview with The Voice, Mr. Jaiteh said the agency is mandated to confiscate a huge amount of sniper product from the market which was displayed by vendors but they have reported cases whereby people use it secretly.

“We are warning people to desist from such activities because this chemical has dangerous health complications which can even cause death. We are confiscating the products from anyone selling it and it will follow legal actions,” Mr. Jaiteh warned.

According to him, the product has chemicals with acute chronic effects but the chronic effects are what people should concentrate on because they can gradually kill, and by the time you realise it has already destroyed you.

However, he said it will take time and process to ban hazardous chemicals like that while recalling the moratorium on the said chemicals in 2019 and 2022 before the usage of the sniper product.

Mr. Jaiteh advised people to be conversant with chemicals in order to protect themselves and the people around them, particularly vendors and farmers who use these chemicals on their products.

He also highlighted challenges the agency is facing when it comes to enforcement with regard to chemicals.